Friday, April 24, 2015

Introducing... Steven Morant

"'Christ Carries His Cross' was intended to show the event taking place, in the present, outside Arcadia, (a two-storey pub in the Arndale Centre, Headingley, Leeds), chosen for two reasons.  Firstly, the main feature of its frontage is a Saint George's Cross (suggesting a composition based on  intersecting crosses.)  Secondly, because processions of characters in fancy-dress - 'toga- parties', Ancient Roman soldiers, or even individuals dressed as Christ,  walk past regularly, on their way between pubs on the 'Otley Run'.  As the drawing developed, and out of respect for the subject matter, the setting was adapted and it is less clear whether the event is taking place in the first or the twenty-first century."

Steven Morant is interested in the acquisition and revival of the sort of Classical, academic, figurative drawing-skills which were attained before the invention of photography and maintained throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Traditionally such skills were acquired through the drawing of plaster-casts and life drawing.

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